It all started right around this time back in 1986. Among the jelly shoes and leg warmers, girls could be seen carrying around a new book that had just hit shelves. These were the pre-Kindle days when everyone kept an actual book next to their hair crimper. And with a bunch of blocks, the Baby-Sitters Club was born. 

So unless you’ve been living under a pet rock for the last few decades …. here’s the CliffsNotes recap … The first book in the series was titled Kristy’s Great Idea. Kristy has her lightbulb moment to start a babysitting club and then pulls in her BFF’s Mary Anne, Claudia, and Stacey. The trials and tribulations of babysitting and being a pre-teen girl in the late 80’s play out over lots and lots of other books. 

So let’s press fast forward like an old-school VCR, and come to 2020. Jessica has her own great idea. No wait, it was a fabulous idea. The bestest idea ever invented. (reader note: guess who’s the one writing this?!). 

Jessica realized that behind all those Instagram accounts were real people, with real issues, that needed help. Being a social media maven means 24/7 demands. It comes with personal struggles perhaps from mental health because of the hate that can come through the internet. It means a lot of feelings of being ‘alone in it all.’ 

So Jessica put Kristy’s idea in a time machine and updated it for today. She launched the Social Sitters Club. Instead of leaving kiddos with the babysitter, what about a social sitter. One to watch over your social media. Feed it, play with it, and keep it breathing till you return. 

You’d be free to have your social freedom. To take a vacation, a sick day or just a I-need-a-break kind of day. All while leaving your social in the hands of a capable sitter. One that can be reached on this crazy new invention called the Internet and not a landline. 

So what happened after Kristy, errr Jessica, had her great idea? Let’s take a look at how the next few books in the Baby-Sitters Club series may have played out in the 2020 Social Sitters Club world.

BSC: Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls  —> SSC: Jessica and the Creepy DM’s

Just like the Sex in the City characters where you identify as a Charlotte or a Miranda, so to was it for typecasting the characters in the BSC books. Claudia was the cool and artistic girl with the great sense of 80’s style. BSC meetings were held in her bedroom due to her personal landline (modern tech at the time) and her abundance of candy to snack on.

In Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls, the club receives mysterious phone calls while babysitting (we know it’s hard to imagine a time before caller ID… how did people get by??). They think that “The Phantom Caller” might be a jewel thief … who was probably after their of questionable value charm necklaces.

In the SSC version, Jessica is checking in on the Club’s members and sees that one is getting some creepy DM’s from a random account named @bitter_sitter. She pulls out her cell and using her years of social sitting expertise knows exactly how to deal with this phantom DM’er. And she even manages to snack on some candy – peanut butter cups, of course – at the same time. 

BSC: The Truth About Stacey —> SSC: The Truth About the Social Struggle

The Truth About Stacey is mostly about Stacey dealing with having diabetes and how she keeps it hidden from the other BSC members. And a snobby ex-BFF from her days of living in NYC before she moved to as-sweet-as-Claudia’s-candy Stoneybrook. But it’s also about the launch of a rival club called The Baby-Sitters Agency, which consists of irresponsible babysitters who – gasp – smoke cigarettes.

So although it’s true that SSC blatantly ripped off the concept of the BSC, it was all about filling a need in the market. And you know how many rivals there are in the social world. The struggle is real in the crowded soloprenuers and influencers circles. Social Sitters Club gets it, and will make sure you maintain your positioning and help you slay the competition (and not one for gossip, but there may have been a siting of them sneaking a cig in between photo shoots…)

BSC: Mary Anne Saves the Day —> SSC: Jessica Saves the Day

Mary Anne is the BSC secretary cause she’s got mad organizational skills and really neat handwriting (with a pen on paper, not a stylus on a tablet). She’s also especially shy and quiet. She has a big fight with the other BSC clubbers and suddenly has to eat alone at the caf lunch table. But Mary Anne comes back on the BSC radar when she’s babysitting for a sick child who needs help and successfully navigates the medical emergency cause of her super sitter abilities.

So, you can probably already guess where this parallel is going … you have your unexpected sick days where you could use someone else’s help to take over your social duties. And it’s best to prepare for those days now instead of while you’re snuggled under the covers. Oh and SSC also doesn’t want you to have to eat alone at the lunch table. Loneliness is tough and the Club will be there for you.

BSC: Dawn and the Impossible Three —> SSC: Tempting Temp Gal and the Possible Three (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter)

Dawns a bit of a boss babe/health food nut/tree hugger who arrives in Stoneybrook from California. She is given the somewhat cheezy title of “Alternate Officer” which means she fills in when the other sitters are slacking in their positions or forget to show up at the meetings cause they forgot to note it in their Trapper Keeper. In Dawn and the Impossible Three she attempts to babysit three wild kiddos and tame them with her sitter sensibilities.

Think of SSC like your own “Alternate Officer” but with a cooler title like “Tempting Temp Gal.” SSC steps in not cause you’re slacking, but cause you need a break. You can try the handy scheduler on the SSC website which is a lot more advanced than that Trapper Keeper. SSC also has a bit of Dawn-ness in them too and will happily keep your followers in line and engaged with our sitter expertise.

Want to be part of the Social Sitters Club? Give Jessica a call and tell her that her idea is the greatest ever. And if you ever want to have a convo about BSC, then she’s ready to fangirl out with you too.

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Even if there are no days off on your horizon, sign up now so that Social Sitters Club is ready and waiting in the wings for when the unexpected pops up. Because if there is one thing entrepreneurship teaches you, its to expect the unexpected!

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