Remember making photo collages? Not on your photo app, but old school style. Like really old school … with glue, scissors, and a big frame. You’d put hours of work into making the perfect collage to give to your best friend on her birthday or your high school boyfriend on your anniversary. You’d comb through your photo albums (definition: actual books with printed photos) to create your masterpiece. 

Editing pics involved a retro-Photoshop technique of using scissors to cut out others – no need for his ex to be in there … or your neon leg warmers. A drawing tool didn’t exist, so you’d draw – literally – a heart with a red marker on the photo of you and your love. Tagging was putting his name on the gift. Some version of hashtags were written in the card cause back then # only existed on your phone buttons … right below that big antenna! 

These days, you probably have another man that’s part of your pics process. Like Ludwig. Ludwig has greatly improved your life. Ludwig and you went on a date last night. Ludwig and you enjoyed a concert. You’ve even slept together … sort of … he was close by on the nightstand.

Ludwig has a way of making you feel  – and look – good about yourself. He makes you blush by adding a bit of redness to your cheeks. He really highlights that fabulous dress you wore on your last date. And he makes your face brighten with just a touch.

No, Ludwig doesn’t like classical musical – it’s not like his last name is Beethoven! It’s actually Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. He’s a famous architect. Known for his “less is more” approach to architecture. Kind of like when you get dressed for a night on the town and think less clothing = more cleavage. 

Even though Ludwig has become a major love in your life … you also have a bit of a wandering eye. Sometimes you like to see what Hudson, or Walden, has to offer depending on your mood. And let’s face it, as much as you love Ludwig, sometimes he just can’t quite make you feel good about how you look.

So in case you’re reading this after a few glasses of wine … and haven’t quite figured it out yet … Ludwig is an Instagram filter. I mean really, would you actually date a guy named Ludwig?!

Photo filters are like the hairstylists of the Insta world. They transform you into a better version of yourself. They enhance your appealing aspects and negate the flaws.  

Your Instagram feed can make you look picture perfect to the outside world. But what might you be trying to hide behind those filters? Maybe it’s the dark circles under your eyes cause you haven’t been sleeping. Or it’s the worry lines from your kid’s first day of school. 

Life can be challenging at times, and you’re not always feeling Insta worthy. It may be time to take a short break from your social media. Here’s 5 signs that it’s time to stop hiding behind your filters and take an Insta time out.

1. You’re tired of being a boss like HEFE 

Being your own boss has its perks but it can also be a lot to take on 24/7. Especially when you’re balancing your Insta feed with all the other demands in your life. Start by making your social media work part of your days but not the dominating factor in it.

2. You think you’re all that like CLARENDON 

You’ve got that wow factor just like the number one filter used in all of Canada – or rather the world you think ever so humbly. It’s great to be Ms. Popularity but maintaining that #1 position all the time can be exhausting. Prioritize some ‘me time’ for the other #1 in your life – you! 

3. You’re dreaming of sleep like SLUMBER

It’s 3:00 a.m. and you’re still editing that one last Insta pic before it’s lights out. But then you lie awake for another hour thinking about the day’s likes and comments … and finally, doze off and get some Z’s. It’s time to make sleep a priority and avoid the Insta nightmares.

4. You’re always aiming for something more like RISE

It’s great to set goals like increasing your followers but it’s also important to be realistic about how you’re going about achieving those goals. Constantly chasing the dream can take its toll on you. Remember to take a break now and then to chill out. 

5. You’re starting to burn out like TOASTER 

This time you got just a little too crispy … at least there were only a few flames to put out! Keeping a constantly updated social media presence requires a lot of time and energy. Recognize when you’ve hit your limit, preferably before the house burns down. 

So what do you do if you’re showing one – or all – of these signs? Contact Social Sitters Club which is the equivalent of the Maven filter. They’re the mavens of temporary social media management. They expertly cover for you on your social media while you take a much-needed break. Go lounge on the beach, stay at a hotel with no Wifi … or get out the scissors and make a photo collage! 

And when you come back, hopefully, you’ll be ready to go #nofilter – cause you won’t need to hide behind those filters anymore. Unless of course, it’s your beloved Ludwig. 

don’t wait until it’s too late!

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