for many entrepreneurs, social media is no longer a part of their business strategy — it is their business strategy.

Our team of social media and digital marketing experts has years of experience running social channels on behalf of brands across North America.

And if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that businesses today need to keep their social communities engaged at all costs. Which is fine if you pay an agency a monthly retainer to do so.

But what about solopreneurs and small business owners? Where can they turn for help when they need to step away from social?

social sitters club.

we exist to help entrepreneurs like you.

We’re here to give you your freedom back. To provide a way out on those days where just can’t stomach the scroll. Be it a vacation, an illness, a digital detox, a conference, or anything else that requires your time and attention, Social Sitters Club provides daily social media management for solopreneurs and small businesses.

Our experience in running social media channels for major brands, influencers, and high-growth startups means we know exactly what we need to do to keep your online communities thriving, even while you’re away.

are you ready to take back your freedom from social?

We exist to help entrepreneurs like you. Those whose businesses live and breathe social, and those who find themselves hesitant to take even a few hours away from their feeds, worried that a missed opportunity or customer response could mean lost business.   


frequently asked questions

A: We want to make sure we’re a good fit for you and that we’ll be able to deliver flawlessly on our promises. By creating a relationship before you have need, we’re able to respond quickly to jump in and help you when you need a day off and just like any good babysitter, we always want to know about the families we are taking care of. Ready to apply? Click here!

A: You can walk away, or you can renew. Membership renewal is $99 CAD per year, and gives you access to our temporary account management services.

A: It depends! Our most basic package is $20 CAD per day, (or $99 CAD per week) and includes twice daily account check ins, light proactive engagement, responses to up to 25 comments, and emergency communications sent to you via text message if something seems pressing. To add more check ins, more responses, dm responses, proactive engagement, or to otherwise customize a plan, please speak to your account representative.

A: Each account will need a unique membership & onboarding so that all assets and brand information can be securely stored and so that each brand is clearly internalized by your account manager, but when it comes to sitting your multiple accounts at the same time, we’re happy to extend a discount. Please speak with your account manager.

A: Our full service Digital Marketing Studio, Savage & Wiser, is fully equipped to manage digital marketing services for businesses big and small. We have been responsible for social media, blogging, email marketing, Pinterest programming, websites, and branding for many important brands, and we’d love to get you a customized quotation to see how we can support your business goals. Social sitters club was developed as an extension of our services at Savage & Wiser, to meet the unique needs of solopreneurs, influencers, personal brands, and anyone else who can benefit from the social media break that temporary social media management services offers.

A: Our team at Social Sitters Club is based just outside of Vancouver, Canada. Your account manager, and our CEO Jessica Wiser will be the only people with access to your account. Nothing us automated, and everything is done by real humans who really care about your business and your well-being. It’s why we do what we do! We never use robots, 3rd party software or other shady techniques. When you hire us to keep an eye on your social while you step away, that is exactly what we do.

A: While we cannot guarantee last-minute availability, email us with the subject line URGENT and we’ll move mountains to get you in.

A: Your privacy, confidentiality and security matter above all else. We take great pride in offering a safe and secure service to businesses and individuals great and small. We will not use or disclose any information that we may come across within the scope of the duties we’ve been contracted for. This means that whether you have conversations with A+ list celebrities, unexpected photos, proprietary or sensitive information in your DM’s, you can rest assured that we’ve built our business and reputation on keeping your private information private. We are also happy to sign your NDA agreement. We do currently have relationships involving celebrities who are household names but we never kiss and tell. What happens in Social Sitters Club stays in Social Sitters Club!

A: After almost a decade of offering Digital Marketing Services to businesses big and small, the influencer and personal brand movement really took off. We realized that these people, (maybe more than anyone else), should be able to step away and take some time for themselves. Following authentic humans on Instagram and reading their stories about family strife because IG is always so demanding, about mental health struggles because of the hate that can come through the internet, and otherwise seeing them just feeling ‘alone in it all’, we realized that a solution was needed and we had just the thing. Inspired by Ann M Martin’s incredibly popular series The Babysitters Club, Social Sitters Club was born. This 2016 article in The New Yorker is a great read for any of you B.S.C. fans out there: The Feminist Legacy Of The Babysitters Club. And if you remember that the first book in the series is titled Kristy’s Great Idea, then you’ll definitely get a kick out of this blog post: Jessica’s Great Idea.

A: We are so sorry! Please send an email and we’ll make sure that not only will your question be answered, but that we will update our faq’s to include that information for everyone’s benefit.

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