Uhhhhh why is “You Need to Calm Down” suddenly playing really loud? Taylor Swift is NOT calming you down at this moment.

Where is that song coming from? Oh, that’s your ringtone … which you rarely hear since no one ever actually calls you – how did we get by in that long ago era before texting?!

On second thought, no one ever calls you except when … it’s urgent … like really urgent.  And your heart starts beating a little faster.

You glance at the caller ID…

Maybe it’s the school nurse saying come get your kid. Who we all know is just pretend sick to get out of that science quiz.

Or maybe you’re freaked out about nothing. And it’s your love calling to whisk you away for a surprise second honeymoon. He wants you to pack your bags in < 10 minutes … ummm doesn’t he know you by now??

You never know when that out of nowhere call may come and Taylor’s suddenly roaring that “you’re takin’ shots at me like it’s Patrón” (mmmm…margaritas). Cause life is full of the unexpected and the expected – come on, you must have had some clue about that romantic getaway. Like maybe your darling’s sudden interest in sunscreen … during a snow storm.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could count on certain life interruptions and properly prepare for them? Especially since social media people live life online 24/7. That’s 365 days which … quick math calculation here (a.k.a. Google search) … comes out to 8760 hours a year.

You’re on ALL the time to maintain that Insta presence. When the rest of the country is enjoying their 3 day weekends, you’re still tapping out a post. When you’re on a family trip, you’re still snapping those Insta pics.

So if you want – and need – some time for you, you’ll have to carve it out for yourself.

Grab your calendar and make your own Official Holiday Schedule. These are the days that you can step away from your social media, and take a giant step into your IRL.

So what are these phony/bogus/made up/snake oil/counterfeit holiday? Here’s a few ideas to take your holidays from fake to fabulous. You’re invited to join us to celebrate….

1.  The End of 9 Months Without Wine Anniversary

Otherwise known as your kid’s birthday! This celebration is definitely already marked on your calendar but probably under a more appropriate sounding name. You’ve been planning for weeks. There’s the cake, chocolate of course. The theme – which changed from dinosaurs to dogs and then back to dinosaurs – cause that was the favourite animal that day. You’re already imagining the birthday post with the T-rex … oh wait, make that a poodle.

  • Conversation Starter:  Figuring out how to explain to great aunt Sue what an influencer is … for the 27th time.
  • Dress Code:  Anything that will avoid a potential wardrobe malfunction from climbing on top of the counter for that perfect pic.
  • Traditional Gift:  Buy yourself something nice cause that kiddo wouldn’t be here without you.

2.  <Insert Your Name Here> Appreciation Week 

Take time off, in fact take a week off. Seriously, log out of Insta, and check in to a local resort with a room for one. A place that gives you mints on the pillows of course. Why do they always do mints? Something more midnight snackish would be more appropriate. Like a bowl of ice cream. Or maybe some nachos. Or a little night cap to top off those hotel bar cocktails. Remember, this is a week of doing what makes you happy, and cocktails certainly help with that.

  • Date:  Any time you think your family can survive without you there … so never.
  • Time:  One week minimum for full appreciation to take effect.
  • Location:  A resort with nachos on your pillow – there must be one out there!

3.  Blursday Awareness Day

You think it’s Tuesday but maybe it’s still Monday but it’s actually Wednesday. All the days seem to blur together to form Blursday. Life is moving so quickly and you don’t have time to think as you move from posting to pick-ups. So take a moment to slowdown and not burn out. Find a mantra to meditate with …  ohhmmm sauvignonblanc or ohhhmmmm pinotgrigio are especially effective.

  • Plus One:  No, this is you only. Unless by Plus One you mean a bottle of wine.
  • Date:  Whatever day you think it might be, it’s not.
  • Dress Code:  Preferably not your PJ’s that you put on cause you thought it was Thursday night and not Friday morning.

4.  This Day in Herstory

The past affects the present. It’s important to recognize all the milestones that have got you to where you are today. You’ve come a long way with your business and your life. Take some time to map out these important days in your story – pop a bottle of champagne on your business launch anniversary or book a spa day when you hit that financial goal. Take the time to recognize you and all that you’ve accomplished.

  • Hosted By:  You’re the hostess with the mostess so you decide how to have a good time.
  • Location:  New business idea scribbled on a napkin? Go to the restaurant where it all started.
  • Traditional Gift:  Every month has an official flower, buy yourself some blossoms for your milestone months.

So are you going to R.S.V.P. ‘yes’ to these holidays? But, maybe you’re a little hesitant to take a break to celebrate?

Think about sending an invitation to the Social Sitters Club. They’ll always accept your invite to tend to your social media. The Social Sitter will arrive on time, make conversation with your followers, and do it all with an amazing party dress on.

Your Social Sitter will even pick up the phone if you call with an urgent request (and not take it personally at being an afterthought guest!). And they won’t send you to voicemail … cause more than answering your phone, who even checks their voice mail.

Anyone else still can’t get “You Need to Calm Down” out of your head?

don’t wait until it’s too late!

Even if there are no days off on your horizon, sign up now so that Social Sitters Club is ready and waiting in the wings for when the unexpected pops up. Because if there is one thing entrepreneurship teaches you, its to expect the unexpected!

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